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If a Coworker, loved one, or child were to suddenly need medical assistance would you know what to do?

At Safety Educators of Maine we take pride in our responsibility to educate companies, staff and families on what to do in the event of Life's Unexpected Emergencies.

As a father of four with over 25 years of experience as a director of Safety Training, I know the importance of acting quickly and efficiently in the event of an emergency (the first few minutes are the most critical).

I have set a very high standard for safety education in my personal and professional life. We will bring this same dedication of emergency training to you, your staff and your family. Whether you have a small or large group at your home or workplace, we will come to you with our highly experienced and knowledgeable staff.

Even when your course is over we will still be there for you to respond to your questions or concerns, and to provide updates. When you are ready to select a course for your needs contact us, we will be there for you!

Respectfully, Joseph Seely Owner and Senior Instructor

Programs and schedule information:
New Scarborough
Infant, Child & Adult CPR Course
First Aid Certification Course
First Aid & Infant, Child And Adult CPR
Challenge Testing ( up to 3 hours )
CPR AED Training Pro/BLS Health Care Provider
Osha Blood Borne Pathogen Training
Basic Water Safety Course
Automated External Defibrillator (AED) course
Please contact us for training schedule - (207) 772-6100

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